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Hello. This is the home page for Michael Ludgate and The Canaan Institute. I am a musician, photographer and publicist for the music and arts community. I play music gigs around central MikeNew York and I teach mandolin lessons from my home studio. I also work as a communications professional maintaining webpages and list-serves for other organizations. I also work for Taitem Engineering in the renewables department; drop me a line if you are interested in Solar PV for your home or business. Many of you ask the significance of the name Canaan Institute. We needed a virtual space to provide hosting for the music, outdoor and environmental work we do for the Ithaca and surrounding community. The word Canaan has historical significance for the neighborhood we live in, but no religious affiliation for us. We host regular acoustic music and aerobic outdoor events. We also maintain several e-newletters and Facebook groups and pages. Scroll down for lots of links to other parts of this website. Please email me if you have questions or if you were looking for other web areas of mine: music jams, hike, bike and ski information. If you need an acoustic music gig listed. Send it to me plain text via email [ michael at canaaninstitute dot org ] and I'll list it on the calendar and appropriate newsletters. Google+ Thanks! -Mike

Contra Dance! to Music
                          by: O’Shanigans, NO’Shanigans and various
                          other combinations including: Michael Ludgate
                          (mandolin), Sophie Orzechowski (fiddle), Phil
                          Robinson (guitar), Tim Ball (guitar or
                          fiddle), Andrea Katz (fiddle), Lindsey Clark
                          (fiddle) and more. See www.oshanigans.org for
                          the latest dance dates and musician’s


The all NEW live music and dance calendar is [ HERE ]
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     O'Shanigans acoustic band: Celtic, contra and world dance www.oshanigans.org
     Notes Inégales
acoustic listening and contra dance band www.notesinegales.org
     Mandolin Instruction - lessons from Michael Ludgate [ details ]
PHOTO GALLERIES :: PICS ::  I enjoy photographing events, people and the outdoors. If you need high resolution images, please email me. Otherwise, feel free to use the low-res images for your Facebook and so forth: all I ask is you leave the watermark photo credit in place. Thanks! -Mike

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FIDDLE TUNE BOOKS :: Portland Collection (The Portland Book), Waltz Books, New England Fiddlers Repertoire, Peter Barnes English Country Dance Books, Danse ce soir! québécois tune book, Fiddlers Throne, and many more http://canaaninstitute.org/mn/mus_sound.html

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FOOD :: RECIPES :: Recipes from the old family farm store days :-)

from family and friends canaaninstitute.org/recipes/recipe.html

                  Don't forget: it's always colder up in the hills!!

BROOKTONDALE NY - Mandolin Lessons

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Bowl of fruit with fiddle - photo
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