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Author: Mike
• Friday, January 16th, 2009

Well this morning at Canaan Rd., the temerature was minus -17 F, so we were lucky it was a balmy minus 5 when we skied last night. Seven of us did the combined CNSC and BikeSki outing. We were honored by the presence of the CNSC Prez (Jack) and the Treasurer (Joan). Of course they are used to going faster: so I spent the first half of the loop trying to keep up them and finally figured out if I went first and elbowed them off the trail when they tried to pass me that I could keep up them that way. We reminisced about hipbuster hill and forgotten skiers (see while trying to keep our digits from getting frost bite. You’ll see in the photo on the post below Brenda, Jim, Raylene, John, Joan and Jack - I was taking the picture (or maybe I was back by the woodstove - who knows?) … see ya next Thursday!

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