Author: Mike
• Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Here are some itmes of interest on the FORUM. Get on the email list for regular postings like these.

PHOTO – of our friend Bradley Kennedy measuring BEAR paws

FUNDRAISER — Cornell Climbing Competition to Raise Money for Youth Adventure Program Nov 2nd -



HIT AND RUN — Vermont Cyclist needs financial help to repair injuries after hit-and-run —

CAYUGA TRAILS CLUB — Scheduled Hikes —

WIND TURBINES — Deal to Double Wind Power in Upstate NY —

SKY WATCH — astronomy and light pollution

KAYAK CLUB NEWS — also a new web space

BLACK DIAMOND TRAIL — news thread —

HAMMOND HILL STATE FOREST — Obstacles IN TRAIL for next regular pre-ski season BIG trail work session. This is usually in the autumn sometime

FORUMshortcut tip - If you are a registered user (email me to get registered) and visiting a popular thread with dozens of messages and multiple pages, you can go directly to the most recent post from the home page by clicking on the little paper logo icon over to the far right next to the poster’s name - try it!! - also if you are registered, you can tell the forum to email you when a reply is posted to a topic of interest or one you posted to.

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