Ice Skating and other adventures at Dryden Lake

12.06.2008 — From a bikeski subscriber who lives in Dryden: “News- the ice on Dryden Lake is good for skating- Dave plans to skate sail later this afternoon! Ice fisher men are out there and  Dave says surface is excellent for skating, snow tonight so today may be the day! Spread the word! -c”

This reminds me of a story. A few years ago (February of 2004) I was on an errand to Dryden Lake to pick up my son who had been invited to ice fish with another local family. When I arrived, there was a young man and his comrade unloading an assortment of gear from a nice new pick up truck. He hauled the stuff out on the lake and strapped downhill skiis to his feet, then put on this backpack with an engine and a propeller! His friend started up the engine and he skied back and forth on the lake for a while.

I thought that was it. But, then he hollered to his buddy, “I think it will work” … and they went back to the truck and hauled out more gear. Back out on the lake, they laid a large yellow cloth on the ground and tied that to the man with the engine … he started the engine again and amazingly took off into the air like and airplane … it looked more like a parachute really.

I happened to have my camera an snapped off a few photos. He had his and snapped off some from up there! We later traded pics, I apologize as I have forgotten his name now. I have learned they call this suicidal sport “para sailing”. Click image for a brief photo album. :-)

From 2004_02_17_para_sailing
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