Deer hunting season with guns starts Sat Nov 17th 2012

Reminder: Deer hunting season in our area with guns, also known as “regular season” starts Saturday November 17th 2012 and ends December 9th 2012. Deer hunting continues after that with primitive weapons (archery and black powder). See NYS DEC website link below for exact dates on that. Please; whether you hunt, bike, hike or play: wear fluorescent neon colors (like “hunter orange” or “biker neon yellow”) so we can all see each other. The hunters in our area have an excellent safety record … but (for example) it is just as scary for them to think they hear a deer tromping through the woods only to discover it is a naive hiker wearing brown. So; wear neon! Oh and YES! hunting is permitted at Hammond Hill and Shindagin Hollow and generally all similar NYS forests. Deer hunting is not allowed after sunset. Regulations are stricter in areas designated “parks” like Treman or Buttermilk for example. Here is DEC’s web page with hunting dates:

There is a special deer hunting season closer to Ithaca in January 2013. A lot of people are asking about it. Here is the link again. There is a very detailed map and full details at this link.

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