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I am moving the “snow depth pics” … SNOW DEPTH PICS look at most recent (last image on last page of thumbnails) for most current depth image This “snow depth pics” is the album built up from the conditions report on the Bikeski email list. The most current snow depth photo will be the last one: the lower right image on the last page of thumbnails. Sometimes I will link directly to that image in the email newsletter.

Also I put all the outing pics together (about 12 years worth!) here. Check it out!

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PHOTO GALLERIES PICS :: Community Photo Albums It’s OK to download individual photos Photo Samples - more photos at links below ...for personal use such as Facebook, but please leave the watermark intact if there is one. If you need higher resolution images, email me, I can sell you non-watermarked high resolution verisons for a reasonable fee. I also may have more of your group. I only tend to post about a third of the images on the web albums. I am available for hire for photographing events or for private photo shoots for webpages, portraits and so forth. Thanks! -Mike :-)

at Cornell Plantations [ 2012 ]
Judy’s Day Cornell Plantations
2011 ]2009 ]2007 ]2005 ]2004 ]
Ithaca Festival Parade 2012 ]2011 ]2010 ]2009 ]2008 ]2007 ]2006 ][ 2004 ]
Other Photo Albums of Michael’s on [ Picasa ][ Google+ ][ Facebook ]
Some assorted, very nice images: mostly Town of Caroline [ Various Photographs ]
Outdoor related Bikeski Group [ Snow Depth ][ Group Outings ]

Thanks! -Mike :-)

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