Malfunctioning xc-ski bindings.

We have have had excellent to perfect conditions for the last couple outings. Check out the photos to get a feel! Great snow, great people. One of the problems that has popped up nearly every time and usually at the beginning of an outing is with bindings. Typically someone who has been skiing but keeps their gear in the car and has the modern style binding that grabs the little bar on the tip of their boot (NNN, SNS, NNN-BC and etc …). These bindings are manufactured to pretty tight tolerances and have plastic on plastic and plastic on metal moving parts. When you ski, water and snow and ice get inside the binding and will seize it up, especially if it is cold out. So: they require just a tiny bit of maintenance: here is what I suggest. Take them indoors between ski outings if you can (at least do it now). After they dry out, spray a little bit of WD-40 inside the binding, where the bar catches and you can lift the rubber coveriung and squirt a bit under there too … then work the lubricant in by pressing the release button a few times. See the parts that move, that’s what need the lube. The WD-40 will mostly evaporate, but it will leave a thin film of lube between the high tolerance sliding parts, displacing the water and keeping incoming water (eventually ice) out … That’s it!

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