Sunday outing …

Still lots of snow at our place which adjoins Hammond Hill State Forest, although I grow weary of trying to convince folks!! We have a 1-2 foot base with 2-9 inches of powder. Less powder on the trails of course, but plenty of base. Another 2-4 inches of fresh fluffy stuff Monday am. MORE Tues am!! This is nuts!

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Sunday, Five of us (Steve, Raylene, Tammi, Brenda and myself) skied a long loop up sauna across porcupine ridge, up FLT to to Radio Tower where we saw Stu, down Dan Karig … across on Y4 then over to mogle (water bar) trail, to blue and home on snowmobile. We also saw Eric and Gillian and their new baby! I was experimenting with taking a video as I was skiing. Steve and Tammi were in front of me, coming down snowmobile to Canaan …

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2 thoughts on “Sunday outing …

  1. Great ski, Great conditions!

    That binding nearly taking my finger off on Sunday was the last straw, I ordered new skis today.

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