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• Friday, June 01st, 2012

Updated photograph LINK! Go here for 2012 ITHACA FESTIVAL PARADE PHOTOS

Ithaca Festival 2012 Parade Photo Album The SEVENTH year of photos from the Ithaca Festival on Canaan Institute website! I’ll confess; my initial motivation for this was because my son, Bryan and daughter, Megan were stilt walkers in previous years … see previous photos (way) below … (this year Megan was on a uni-cycle again). But the parade is such fun and involves so many local folks - I now try to capture images of the whole procession to share each year. Thanks to the unicycle club members at F.L.O.W. for teaching my kids and Raylene to Uni-cycle (Keith, Robbert, Brendan, Lesley) Sorry, if I missed anybody. These images of the Ithaca Festival Parade are low resolution so they will load over the web fairly quickly - if you have a favorite pic and want a hi-res image send me an email request, I’ll try and accommodate. -Mike :-)

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