Workshops with Phil Banaszak and Dave Ruch

BROOKTONDALE NY Sunday April 22nd – Musician’s instrumental Workshops with Phil Banaszak and Dave Ruch from The Canal Street String Band. Phil and Dave will teach 2 workshops concurrently: one in the farmhouse and one in the music building at the Canaan Institute. See and At The Canaan Institute. RSVP to Mike to reserve a seat and for detailed directions Sunday April 22nd 2012 2:00-4:30 pm $20- Dave and Phil are performing for WVBR’s Bound for Glory radio show later that same evening with The Canal Street String Band!

Fiddle (Phil) – Former New York State fiddle champion Phil Banaszak’s self-taught style is based on bluegrass, Celtic and old-time fiddling. He has played professionally for over 30 years and has taught fiddling for nearly 20 years. His workshops usually take on a life of their own based on the needs and questions of the group, and in the past they have focused on the mechanics of playing the fiddle for different levels, music theory, learning new tunes and more. Phil is an inductee into the North American Fiddlers Hall of Fame, and he also sings, plays the guitar (a little) and the mandolin with The Canal Street String Band.

New York State fiddle/dance tunes (Dave) – For all melody instruments. Join Dave Ruch for a special session on lesser-known fiddle and dance tunes from the repertoires of NYS old-time fiddlers. This is a hands-on workshop for all instrumental musicians interested in adding some authentic New York State fiddle tunes to their playing. Tunes will be taught by ear in the old style, with the instructor playing one phrase at a time (on mandolin) until the group is ready to move on to the next. Sheet music will also be provided, but let’s see how far we can get without it! Other questions that will be addressed by Dave include:
* Is there a New York State “sound”?
* How did the traditional music played in this area differ from what was played in the American south, and in New England?
* Who were/are the Tommy Jarrells and Henry Reeds of this area, the tradition bearers who kept (and keep) the old fiddle music alive and passed it down through the generations?

The approximate plan for the afternoon is this:

1) Starting promptly at 2:00 pm – a mixed session for everyone, Phil & I introduce ourselves, play a tune or two, then break off into two areas.

2) Phil leads his fiddle workshop, Dave will lead a NYS Tunes workshop in separate room, (He’ll teach the tunes on mandolin, but this will be for all melody players, he will teach at least two and maybe three or more tunes depending on speed of class), for maybe 60-75 minutes

3) break/mingle/refreshments …

4) the two groups come back together, bowing issues and other fiddle related questions from Dave’s session can be addressed with Phil, we can then break off again or stay together depending on flow, people’s interests, etc

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