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Author: Lesley
• Friday, April 10th, 2009

The current show at the Kitchen Theatre is called ARCHAEOLOGY.  It is a world premiere by playwright Rachel Axler.  Axler’s day job is writing for tv - she was until recently the only woman writer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and is now writing for a new NBC sitcom, Parks & Recreation, featuring Amy Poehler.  But she started out in theater and is interested in that medium as well.

ARCHAEOLOGY features the youngest cast we’ve had at the Kitchen in a while.  Two actors are in their early twenties, and the other two are Ithaca College theater students.  It’s a funny, weird & wacky story that involves time travel and mathematics but is at the heart a story about 20-somethings finding themselves.

There’s not a whole lot of music in the show, though Ithaca College student Ben Truppin-Brown has made a cool soundscape for the play.  There was, however, a music video made!  Two of the characters in the play have a garage band, and they mention lyrics to one of their songs.  It just so happens that Jake Paque, an actor in the play, is also a musician, and he took it upon himself to write the song!  It’s a really infectious, fun tune, and it only seemed right that it should have a music video to go with it.  So we assembled the cast on the set, brought in a mannequin that features prominently in the play, and filmed a video.  It has pretty much nothing to do with the play, but it was a lot of fun to do and it does gives a sense of the young actors and zany world of the play.  You can take a look at it http://kitchentheatre.org/IWannaExplore.html and read more about the play at http://kitchentheatre.org/Archaeology.html.

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