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• Saturday, June 20th, 2009

These guys really put on a great show in addition to being genuine and friendly people who were just plain fun to hang out with. Below are a sample of the comments from the concert which occurred June 18th 2009 at the workshop at Canaan Institute. -Mike

“Thanks for hosting this and putting it together at short notice. I”m glad I was in town.  I had never heard that band before, and I’d never been to a house concert with a top act. Good musicians and friendly folks.”

“WOW!! THANKS!!!!”

“We had a terrific time, we were wowed by the show, live music is so mush better than recorded and they were a great presence and talent and the venue was wonderful”

“It WAS awesome last night! I carried their high energy home with me and couldn’t wait to put on their latest CD which I bought out there. The CD is a different experience from their concert, but all is great! I so much loved the longer, more intense music last night. There was even more emphasis on the music than the voice and lyrics, with much longer riffs and such. They were all fantastic!!! I’m so inspired I’m giving some thought to traveling up to Lowville to hear them again tonight.”

“Thanks to you both even though I didn’t get to sample Raylene’s awesome rhubarb punch. I’ll just have to make my own…now if only I could find the recipe again…I think I have it here somewhere. Your play space is just awesome!!! I love your collections all over the wall and the fantastic touches that make it a homey and great space dedicated to creating so many things: music, wooden things, as well as a launch and landing pad for skiing, snowshoeing and biking. You guys are wonderful! Take care and see you soon. Just another fan.”

“An excellent time…Thank you very much. A great bunch of musicians. Hopefully again sometime soon!”

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• Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

The Jailhouse Turkeys www.myspace.com/thejailhouseturkeys , an all new bluegrass band coming from the twin tower neighborhood, will debut at the Nines on March 4 at 10:00 PM. Opening for The Jailhouse Turkeys is Revi Roza of The Rozatones doing an acoustic set. The Jailhouse Turkeys are an all-string “backwoodsy” sound with strong doses of bluegrass, American folk and country music. They play a handful of originals, traditionals and covers and they believe “that Ithaca could use some more bluegrass. Let’s get pickin’!” The Jailhouse Turkeys: Ben Kraus on Guitar and Vocals.  Cal O’Connell on Banjo and Vocals. Sam Sadovnic on Fiddle, Mandolin and Vocals. Bryan Stefek on Guitar, Harp and Vocals. The Jailhouse Turkeys www.myspace.com/thejailhouseturkeys and the venue http://www.theninesithacany.com/ cover $5-

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