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• Thursday, September 25th, 2008
This jam session started many years ago at my home near Hammond Hill with myself and a cello player learning duets. (Well … I was learning). I discovered in the year or so to follow that I loved fiddle tunes and especially dance tunes. The melodies played for what we now-a-days call contra dancing integrate some of the greatest variety of traditional music from the USA, Canada, British Isles and parts of Northern Europe like Norway, Sweden and France along with “neo-traditional” tunes written in a traditional style. These are the tunes we play: Irish, French Canadian, New England, Southern Old Time, Celtic …

The jam started as a “slow jam” but now the speed of the tunes is often close to dance speed (~115 steps or beats per minute is “dance speed”) while maintaining a learning atmosphere: sheet music is available [ we work from the Your Friends and Neighbors YFN tune set ] for all tunes played and mp3s are available for many - bring a recorder! We take turns and go around the circle choosing tunes - so everyone gets to pick a favorite. We make an effort to announce the name of the tune and what key it is in to help for later study …

All instruments welcome - we have actually been short on guitars lately for example! Email Mike for directions michael@canaaninstitute.org

See you some Wednesday soon!

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