Maïa Vidal Live at Felicia’s Atomic Lounge July 24th

Maïa Vidal Live at Felicia’s Atomic Lounge
Ithaca, NY on Sunday July 24th.

Show starts at 7pm FREE

Maïa Vidal is an French-American artist who uses toy instruments and
make-believe to compose her own original, unique music. Mixing old
world melodies and instrumentation with modern, confident songwriting,
she takes us on a journey that is at once sweet and painfully honest,
yet never loses its naïve sense of wonderment.

Her current project began under the name Your Kid Sister, in 2009 as a
RANCID cover-band, a project devoted to recording sweet orchestral
versions of such punk anthems as RANCID’s Poison, Daly City Train, and
Not To Regret. Sung melodically and accompanied by accordion, violins,
glockenspiel, and layered backing vocals, these normally aggressive
songs were transformed into haunting lullabies, plaintive waltzes, and
even gospel bossa novas. These transformations were meant to pay
homage to the songs of Maïa’s punk-rock influenced youth.

At Felicia’s on Sunday July 24th, she’ll be accompanied by Simon
French multi-instrumentalist, creating a two-piece orchestra
comprised of no less than accordion, toy piano, guitar, mandolin,
xylophone, trumpet, and percussion.

Find out more about Maia Vidal online:

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