Sounds of 1940s Kentucky at the Kitchen Theatre

The Kitchen Theatre opens a play this week called Last Train to Nibroc, by Arlene Hutton.  In addition to being a beautiful, romantic play performed by two stellar actors, it’s a wonderful chance to hear some great old style music by local musicians.

The Pearly SnapsThe main musical theme, entitled “Home”, was composed by Ithaca College student Rob Dietz in the style of an early bluegrass waltz.  Dietz is the conductor of Ithacappella, IC’s award-winning male a cappella group. Joining Dietz at Rep Studio to record the music for Last Train to Nibroc was Harry Nichols, guitar, Stephanie Jenkins, banjo & vocals, and Rosie Newton, fiddle & vocals.  Harry is a member of Ithacappella and plays with Rob in a folk/blues duo called Passing Through (  Stephanie and Rosie play together locally as The Pearly Snaps (  Both duos are great–so musical and tight.  Bringing them together was a blast. They created a gorgeous sound pretty much instantly.

Passing Through

Also part of the score for the production is the old time tune, “Sally Ann”, and an old shape note hymn, “Here in the Vineyard” sung in beautiful harmony by Stephanie, Rosie, and Rob.The music is gorgeous, and along with the period costumes designed by Lisa Boquist, really transports you to the 1940s.  Performances are Wednesdays through Sundays, November 18 – December 6.
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Listen to samples:
Here in the Vineyard – Stephanie Jenkins, Rosie Newton & Rob Dietz
Home – melody by Rob Dietz, performed by Rosie Newton, fiddle & Harry Nichols, guitar

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